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January 1999  
Holt Uncensored #26
    1. A Nightmarish "Century"
    2. Blueprint To Oblivion: "Citizen Newhouse"
    3. Call For Contributions
    4. Starting The New Year With Pat Schroeder
    5. Letters About That Movie

Holt Uncensored #27

    A Phone Call (Let'S Hope It'S The Last) About That Movie
    Remainders Of The Day

Holt Uncensored #28

    1. Taking It Personally: The Good News
    2. Facing The Worst: The Bad News
    3. Kingsolver Into The Fray, Bless Her Heart
    4. That History-Making Webring
    5. Letters On Webpage

Holt Uncensored #29

    Letter From Adrienne Rich
    Remainders Of The Day

Holt Uncensored #30
    Hope For Independents?
    A Lesson From The Bookmark
    The Fight Brews In Capitola
    The Big Questions
    (Next Week Back To Book Reviewing)

Holt Uncensored #31

    Capitola Packs The Planning Commission

Holt Uncensored #32

    Frightening But Optimistic: Ray Kurzweil
    More Than A Boo-Boo At Barnes & Noble
    Enter The 'New Noir': 'Easy Money'
    Stacey's Speaks: 'Standing At The Scratch Line'
    Gaia Vs. Amazon: Leveling The Playing Field

Holt Uncensored #33

    B&N's Used Book Intentions (Revisited)

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