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November 1998  
Holt Uncensored #13
    One Quiet Seller: The Grace In Dying
    The Way Art Can Save Us
    Come Back, Hunky And Dory
    Website Of The Day: Boulder Book Store
    Updates: Solar Light And Gaia
    About Those 120 Days

Holt Uncensored #14

    Oh No, Not Again
    The Unthinkable Happens

Holt Uncensored #15

    Ingram, B&N And The Ripped Lid Syndrome
    The Independents React
    What Readers Can Do

Holt Uncensored #16
    Nciba Disclaimer
    About The Disclaimer
    Two Apologies
    First, Cut Out The Eye Holes
    The Big Picture
    Now Whose Charity Is That?
    We Need More Sheets

Holt Uncensored #17

    1. That Comical Nytbr
    2. Nailing 'Em Again
    3. The Fabric Of The Future
    4. Stacey's At 75
    5. Your SAQs:

Holt Uncensored #18

    1. Ads To Gag On
    2. Ingram: What You Can Do
    3. Remainders Of The Day

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