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September 1998  
Holt Uncensored #1
    Why This Column
    On The Typo Front: The Pacific Coast Trail
    Cody's Fights Back
    Your Burning Saqs (Seldom Asked Questions)
    Solar Lights Vs. Borders
    If I Don't Six
    Book Passage Vs. Amazon
    Ron Takaki Takes 'Em On
    The Remainders Of The Day, Chapter 1

Holt Uncensored #2

    Solar Lights Vs. Borders
    Bay Area Alert
    Bertelsmann Vs. Everyone
    Pacific Crest Trail Revisited
    One Hot Book Ecology Of Fear
    Ftcs Funny Things Customers Say #1
    Today's Sleeper Acheson
    The Remainders Of The Day Chapter 2

Holt Uncensored #3
    Solar Light Vs. Borders: The Tension Builds
    Former Borders Employee Speaks Out
    A Question Of (Humorous) Media Coverage
    Interview: Author Ron Takaki
    The Remainders Of The Day: Chapter 3

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