by Pat Holt

Friday, October 23, 1998


Whoa, pardon our manners and thanks to the many readers who have asked about the best way to contact Dick Harte, the Ohio bookseller who is helping independents create inexpensive websites with a data base of 500,000 titles (see Holt Uncensored #9). His URL (such an intimate yet cloying term),; his e-mail address,; his phone number, 800-515-3322; his social security number (just kidding).

As to any attempt here at humor by referring to Harte as "impolite," Vicki Warren of Around the Corner Books & More of Eldora IA,, writes: "After speaking with Dick on the phone numerous times and meeting him personally at the Upper Midwest Booksellers Association trade show, we have found him to be very helpful and personable and anything but impolite. The staff at BookSite has been great! Always patient with our questions and they always have the answer. Our site is set to launch this week and we feel very fortunate to have the tools available from Dick to jump onto the web. It is a simple process but looks professional. We may not have all the bells, buzzers and whistles but it works for us . . . "

Chapter 7 of Remainders of the Day, which originally ran in this column, can be found with the rest of the story in a separate column on this website.