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You can view of a sample of previous columns about the following:

Amazon v. Amazon - the trademark infringement suit that blew up in the deposition stage [Column #100]

Faith Sale - a tribute to the late Putnam editor who stood for the highest standards of her profession [Column #114]

"Remainders of the Day" - try the first three chapters of this spoof on the industry here [Ch. 1-3]

Alibris - the used/out-of-print/rare book stockpiler that says it helps (but may be the next threat to) independent dealers [Column #151]

The Way Independents Discover Books the Chains Miss - the spark that ignited discovery of "Angela's Ashes" and "Cold Mountain," and continues (#19 excerpted - Tim, this will come to you separately)

Teaching Poetry to Little Girls in the Projects - a great program, sponsored by . . . (oh no!) Borders? [Column #81]

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